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Our nursery grows
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wildly diverse plants
On-site division for wetland restoration
for the
Lilium rubescens
and novice
Lasthenia in Oakland
for the urban
weed warrior
Limonium californicum
and restoration specialist.
transplanting seedlings
epilobium canum
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Oaktown Native Plant Nursery is a proud partner of the California Native Plant Society’s Bloom! Campaign.
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We grow and sell California native plants for:

  • home gardeners
  • landscapers
  • habitat restoration
  • garden and landscape design
  • and more!


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Plant of the Month

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Hawthorn leaves


As an herbalist, one of my favorite fall traditions is harvesting hawthorn berries. Harvest or not, I adore the beauty of bare-limbed hawthorns laden with red/black berries against the matte grey sky or dusk of crisp fall evenings. Black hawthorn is a small, deciduous tree/shrub of the Rose Family (Rosaceae). Hawthorns have an attractive architecture, akin to hazelnut or mountain mahogany. The berries are clusters of pomes, which ripen red, or in the case of Crataegus douglasii: dark black. The berries are a marriage between a semi-sweet crab apple and a rose hip. Hawthorn flowers are panicles of white, cupped 5 petaled florets, with yellow stamens and anthers, similar in shape to wild rose. Black hawthorns (and hawthorn’s in general) are more abundant in the Pacific Northwest, but their range …
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