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Our nursery grows
wildly diverse plants
for the
and novice
for the urban
weed warrior
and restoration specialist.
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About our nursery

We grow and sell California native plants for:

  • home gardeners
  • landscapers
  • habitat restoration
  • garden and landscape design
  • and more!


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Plant of the Month

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If you are drawn to plants, you may have the sometimes dubious habit of botanizing as you go. This is a wonderful pastime if you are going on foot. But if you are going by bicycle, or worse, by car it can be a hazard and any poor soul brave enough to accompany you may wonder why you suddenly swerve to pull over on narrow country lanes. I first met chick lupine Lupinus microcarpus growing along the road cuts on the way into Henry Coe State Park. Though the plant life along that road is alluring, it is a dubious place to stop for a closer look. Happily, you can also see this lovely lupine locally while safely strolling along the top of the ridge from Tilden to Wildcat Canyon …
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