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Kristen Hopper, emeritus

Oaktown Native Plant Nursery was owned and run by Kristen Hopper.

Kristen is a former psychiatric social worker, pivoting in 1998 to growing native plants for ecological restoration in several different local venues from a National Park to a local watershed protection group. She started Oaktown Native Plant Nursery in a friend’s back yard in 2002. The work of growing quality native plants is labor intensive and could not be done without the help and excellent company of interested co-workers. Though Oaktown NPN is currently a sole proprietorship it started as a group of friends propagating plants out of love for the native flora. She retired in 2023 but is still active locally.

Nursery Workers

A blonde woman is smiling, looking at the camera while holding up a piece of paper with flowers she pressed showing.

Violet Thorns

Violet has worked at Oaktown for 10 years! She is a Clinical Herbalist with over 600 hours of training. She is a long-time apprentice of herbalist Stascha Stahl, and a graduate of the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine's Four Month Intensive and Advanced Programs (2018-19),  as well as completing Wild Current School's Clinical Mentorship Program and Advanced Clinical Skills Curriculum (2020-22). She has taught classes on holistic herbal medicine at the California Institute of Herbal Studies, UCSC's Cantu Queer Cultural Center, and for the Ancestral Apothecary School. Other iterations of her plant nerdliness are: years of study at the Merrit College Horticultural Department, native plant landscaping, botanical drawing, and 11 continuous years of cultivating squatted gardens. Find her clinical practice at and on IG @witchcraft_apothecary 

Birch Starr-Reid

Birch is a horticulture student at the Peralta colleges. They are particularly interested in botanical poisons, food stability, and the ways that plants and people shape each other. Outside of the plant world, they practice martial arts and dance.

Adder Schlosser

Born and raised in so-called Berkeley, CA, Adder began working at Oaktown Nursery in 2019, bringing their experience and knowledge of botany and ecology from their years of work in restoration.

Nursery Workers (Non-Human Species)


Baby began her career as a professional greeter and big nursery helper in 2021. She loves to play with other dogs, give kisses, and eat snacks. You can find her napping in the sun, chasing after a ball, or grazing on grass.


The newest addition to the crew! Don't let his old age fool you, he has lots of pep and more attitude than anyone else in the shop. He will love you forever if you give him treats and gentle scritches.

Bees and Wasps


Butterflies and Moths

Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria