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The rare and beautiful Tuolumne Fawn Lily

One of the pleasures of the nursery trade is growing out plants that are rare in their native habitats. This is a global phenomenon: certain Mexican Cloud Forest plants have been exterpated in their natural range, same for some of our local flora: we are happy bulbs are available for the beautiful Tuolumne Fawn Lily (Erythronium tuolumnense), rare and endangered in the Sierra Foothills due to logging activity and plain old “development,” but we can keep them going in our local gardens easily with a little regular water, easy this season! The sunny yellow blooms arrive five to ten at a time, about a foot tall, the bulbs are easy and make a colony over time. Springtime bulbs are such a treat when we have an actual Winter season as we’ve had this past year! The extreme rain, damp and chill are softened by the pop of color of these lillies, also Lillium pardalinum (coming to the inventory in 2-4 weeks) the Tritelaia laxas are ready, we have Fritilarias, Camas, and Dicholostemas!
Come see us soon and take home some Spring-flowering bulbs.